Ozark Mountain

2024 OMCSAR Officers

The following officers were previously nominated and were voted upon during this chapter meeting.  Former President General David Appleby gave the oath to our new officers.

President – Charles McMillan

1VP – Open

2VP – Jim Clemmons

Secretary – Open (Cris Brayman temporarily filling … recruiting new Secretary)

Treasurer – John Angst (continuing service)

Genealogist/Registrar – Steven Perkins (continuing service)

Chaplain – Dan Philbrick (continuing service)

Sgt-at-Arms – Daniel Piedlow (continuing service)

Editor/Webmaster – Daniel Piedlow (continuing service)

Historian – Jeremy Boes (continuing … recruiting new Historian)

Chancellor – Gary Bishop (continuing service)

Southern District Color Guard Commander – Howard Fisk (continuing service)



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