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2023 Orlando Congress – The Missouri Delegation

From the Left to Right:
Front Row: Becky Osbourn, James Osbourn, Russ Devenney, Laura Devenney, President David Shaul, Nancy Billings, PG David Appleby, 1st Lady Raylene Appleby, Howard Fisk
Back Row: Mike Robertson, 1st Lady Karin Guzy, Jerre Robertson, PG Larry Guzy, David Billings, Gene Henry, Marilynn Henry

Exe. Dir.

Missouri President Shaul shares a coffee with SAR Executive Director, Todd Bale.

Exe. Dir.

Delighted President General Bruce Pickette awards Missouri President Shaul.
This is the James Neibel Jr. Award for the Missouri Compatriot Newsletter, Editor Dan Evans.

Col. Shaul

Our Handsome Missouri President Col. David R. Shaul.,/br>
Society President David R. Shaul was born and raised in St. Louis County. He attended public schools and is a graduate of Lindbergh High School. Following high school President Shaul attended the University of Central Missouri earning a Bachelor of Science degree. He later attended the U.S. Army War College and holds a master’s degree.
Now retired, President Shaul was a Missouri State Highway Patrolman and a Colonel with the Missouri National Guard /U.S. Army, serving over thirty years in each. Notable events include response to the Ferguson Riots following the death of Michael Brown, and combat deployments to Kosovo and Iraq.
President Shaul and his wife, Joyce, reside near Jamestown, Missouri on the farm established by her 2nd great-grandmother in 1857. They currently raise cattle and grow row crops.
The highlights of their lives are their 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

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