Society Committees

Missouri Society Committee Chairmen (2019-2020)

✓ 250th Anniversary
Clifford C. Olsen
✓ Adams Brochure Contest ‡
George S. Swales Jr.
✓ Americanism Chapter Award
Donald D. Palmer
✓ Americanism Poster Contest ‡
George S. Swales Jr.
✓ Annual Membership Meeting (2020)
Clifford C. Olsen
✓ Budget / Ways & Means
John Bedell
✓ C.A.R. Liaison
James E. Osbourn
✓ Color Guard
Steven G. Perkins
✓ Constitution & By-Laws
W. Eugene Henry
✓ DAR Liaison
J. Michael Robertson
✓ Flag Commendation Certificate Chapter Award
James L. Scott
✓ Fogg Chapter Award
Dennis J. Hahn
✓ Friends of the Library
Stephen D. Sullins
✓ George Washington Endowment
Stephen G. Newman
✓ Historical Sites (New)
Dennis J. Hahn
✓ King Eagle Scout Scholarship ‡
J. Howard Fisk
✓ Knight Essay Contest ‡
Dale Schmidt
✓ Lawrence American History Teacher Award ‡
J. Y. Miller
✓ Medals and Awards
Kenneth W. Lawrence
✓ Members-at-Large
J. Howard Fisk
✓ Membership, Recruiting, and Retention
George S. Swales Jr
✓ New Chapters
J. Michael Robertson
✓ Operation Ancestor Search
E. Doug Fitts
✓ Patriotic Education ‡ (New)
George S. Swales Jr.
✓ Patriot Records (New)
David R. Shaul
✓ Pershing Fund
Kenneth W. Lawrence
✓ Publicity (New)
James E. Osbourn
✓ Public Service and Heroism Award Reporting ‡
Harold H. Kerr II
✓ Records and Archive (New)
Richard A. Mathews
✓ ROTC / JROTC Awards ‡
Charles G. McMillan
✓ Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest ‡
George S. Swales Jr.
✓ Veterans Recognition
Stephen D. Sullins
Yohe Chapter Yearbook Award
✓ Yohe Woman of the Year Award
P. Andrew Kingery


✓ Confirmed.
‡ Denotes a subcommittee whose quarterly reports are submitted to the Patriotic Education Chair.