Martin Warren

Current Officers

President  –  Walter E. “Gene” Henry – 660/885-5855 –

Vice-President  –  Harvey D. Christie

Secretary  –  Michael H. Powers

Treasurer  –  Daniel J. Daugherty

Genealogist  –  Harvey D. Christie

Registrar  –  Ben W. Edmondson – 660/747-2462 –

Chaplain  –  Robert J. Anderson

Chancellor  –  James A. Shelby

Historian  –  Dwight J. Whitton

Sergeant-at-Arms  –  Sam W. Raber

3rd Saturday each month grip and grin 12:00 – 12;30, meeting called to order 12:30, except February, July, and August at
Ridgeview Café, located at the Johnson County Sheltered Workshop, 607 N. Ridgeview Drive, Warrensburg, MO

Martin Warren Chapter web-site can be found here.

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